Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | June 14, 2013

Music and Art…what do you notice?

We put on the music…and colored the sounds and rhythms we heard.  My youngest son suggested we do this.  He was totally in to it and excited to see what came up!  He is a saxophone player…and truly loves music.

We had so much fun…we did this several times using the same music to see how things would remain the same, or be changed once we knew what sounds and rhythms were coming up.

What do you notice when you hear different types of music?

Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | June 7, 2013

What do you notice out in nature?

This Jack-in-the-Pulpit shows up every year in our garden.  I wonder if it comes up from the woods that use to be here, or if the previous owners transplanted it at some time in the past.  Either way, I love when it arrives!  It is a fascinating plant.

With the green of the flower and the purple stripes, it reminds me of something ancient…or a strange circus tent…or stockings of a can-can dancer.  Weird what images come up in my mind when I look at this intriguing plant.  I do not usually see green as a flower color, so this intrigues me.  Sort of a leaf…that decided to shine brighter and build itself into a flower.

What do you see?
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Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 27, 2013

What colors do you love?

This was the pile of mulch that was dropped off for my son’s Eagle project.  He held a tree planting day…and it was wonderful!

I am putting this picture up because it is mulch.  The bits of trees and bark that go back into the earth to enhance its richness.  The minerals feed the ground so that the new life can emerge.

Brown is actually one of my favorite colors.  It is deep and earthy…and brings new life…just like this mulch.

The remainder of this mulch has been placed in our home perennial garden.  It looks beautiful!

Who knew that “brown” could bring so much color and life!

What colors do you love?

Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 16, 2013

What colors are you noticing today?

Spring is here in the northern hemisphere.  There are vibrant bursts of color everywhere!  So, we all need to take some time to observe…because these colors are fleeting.

Preparing for the bursts of “color” in our creative lives can be like this. If we take the time to plan out our priorities each week, we are able to slow down and enjoy the changes that take place right under out noses.  Also, we can begin to prepare for the “creative fire” that lights up when we see the beauty around us and want to share in it through our art…whatever form that might take.

What are you noticing around you today?

Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 14, 2013

Old Wheelbarrow

Out in the yard!  Gardening…digging up the dirt, raking, taking time to be in nature…and the plants look so happy!

Here is my trusty wheelbarrow.  Dirty, well-loved and dependable.  I use it to haul the dead leaves from last fall over to the strip of woods by our house.  Consistent hauling.  Consistent work.  Consistent moving of debris.  Until the task is completed.  I have gone out each day for an hour and done the work.  I decided to work on two garden beds and planned just what it would take to work them until completion.  Satisfying work.

I find that consistency in any project (big or small) is what it takes to see progress.  Then, we eventually get to the end of the task.  We choose when the task is done.

My article below goes into detail on another daily routine I follow.  Let me know what you think.

Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 14, 2013

A bit of love…

Found this heart on the sidewalk while walking from a meeting.

Just sending you some love today!

Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 25, 2013

What do you create in your life that is exquisite?

Look at all of that silver!  I have silver show up in my dreams a lot.  I love this image with the amazing craftsmanship and ingenuity that someone had who created these amazing bits of beauty.

The human mind fascinates me.  The ability to create something from the gifts of the earth.  To see what is hidden within a piece of metal…and create something exquisite.  To dream and build that dream into a new reality…amazing.

What do you create in your life that is exquisite?

Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 18, 2013

Daily Routines and Habits

Each morning I enjoy a cup of tea.  I write in my journal.

This is sacred time.  I schedule in time every morning to honor this ritual.

What are the “habits” you have created in your life?

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Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 12, 2013

How do you learn best?

Look at all of those “bulbs” in a jar!  Many ideas just waiting to happen!  This image gets me thinking of learning…how one tiny idea can turn into a project or bring a dream to life!

What are the ideas you have swirling around in your head?  Like this jar, I “capture” my ideas on paper each morning as I write.  Some of the ideas go places…some just sit on the page waiting to be re-read…some are forgotten.  But all of them are my ideas…so I am glad to have them stored somewhere for the future.

My article this week asks the question, “How do you like to learn?”  And I would love to hear from you after you read it!  (read more…)

Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 21, 2013

My mentor, Christine Kane

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