Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | November 23, 2007


Kandinsky, WassilyTake a look at this work by Kandinsky (you can enlarge the image by clicking on it).

What do you see?
What do you think about what you see?
What do you wonder?



  1. I see and think of all the worlds creativity energy….the great minds who possess it, the talents screaming to be utilized, where it goes when not used.

    To your untapped talent!

    Bea Kunz

  2. Susan,
    Thanks for the invite. This looks very New Orleans. Jazzy, musical, light, fun, and even a touch of the city there. Nice work. I too am curious to read what others see in it.

  3. I see a closed eye, sleep. I see cross’ representing religion and faith, I see a city in which so much takes place and stars are made, great to visit and take in. I see masses of choas which seem to float around in my head at night! All the little things reminding oneself of the many things to accomplish the next day. I see what looks like a sun, a source of energy. Music bars, sweet sounds, relaxing. I see energy unable to be grasped while lifes daily challenges fill the hours. I see a screaming face which holds frustrations and disappointments, possibly even regrets.
    I like the color feel of the artwork, it seems to embrace the chakras. I see what could be a clock at the core, reminding me of each days potential.

    I wonder how to make each day even more wholesome.


  4. I see…lines, circles, triangles, blue, gold, purple, tan, checker boards, curves, clouds, sun, universe…I think, math class, travel, games with friends, sunshine, times with my friends thinking and problem solving before creating something together..
    Wondering…where those friends went who use to sit with me in my childhood and create radio programs on the tape recorder…remember tape recorders? I wonder what happened to my math teachers…there was one who really helped me with seeing my gifts in math…and another whom I dispiesed (sp?), because he said I would never understand math…hmmm wonder why this work of art brought about this thinking…

  5. Interesting. I see clocks, time, busy, city scapes and rushing. I feel anxious and hurried when looking at this, but keep going back to the large black/purple circle in the upper left corner and wondering why it’s there. It doesn’t seem to belong in this picture, and it’s distracting from the rest of the hustle. The red circle beneath it draws me in, but I feel confusd by it. If not for the circles, I wouldn’t spend much time looking at it because the rest makes me want to run!

    Funny how others felt relaxed by this image, I certainly did not. Thanks for the moment.


  6. I see what happens when I try to fix my own watch. All of a sudden, just before you think you have it, a quiet little spring bound with energy, gets claustrophobic. He jumps out of the crammed little space he was placed in with such precision. Exploding, he is copied by a herd of followers. In a blink of an eye you have a mess all over the desk.

    I think about turning back time…only a few moments, so that I could have quick closed the back to contain all those rascal parts. I think about why such things should be left to professionals.

    I wonder…what time it is.

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