Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 4, 2007

Article…Art Used to Study Climate Change?

Sun Setting over a Lake, Turner, John Mallord William (1775-1851).  Turner, John Mallord William (1775-1851).

Can studying the work of artists give clues to climate change?  I just read the following article:,8816,1689051,00.html to see what the study had to say.

Painting, drawing, sketching…getting your ideas down on paper is a valuable form of expression and observation.  I believe more time needs to be spent using the language of the arts to bring out the metaphors, colors, brilliance of human thought and emotion in our daily lives. 

The jury is out, in my opinion, as to whether science or art gives a more telling/accurate picture of the “facts”.  I think the beauty of being able to communicate through a variety of means can give a more well rounded picture and explanation of our world.

After reading the article…what do you think?



  1. Hi Susan,

    I agree completely… and I think some people refer to this use of art as a communication vehicle as marketing. 🙂 But not in all cases, of course.

    I’m thrilled that you took Blog Copywriting Tip #3 and ran with it. Nice going.


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