Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 6, 2007

How do you learn best?


Take a look at both articles.  How do you prefer to learn?



  1. I learn best when I have a reason to learn, as do most I believe. Projects, hands on, anything that requires one to think and use their creativity.

    Memorization isn’t it. I get concerned when schools start teaching to take a test instead of teaching to inspire students to think for themselves.

  2. Hi (thanks for your comment!)
    As a homeschooler verging on unschooling, I would of course, be more inspired by George Lucas. His passion is contagious, so of course this approach will be a success.
    As a Brit having lived in Canada, the U.S and now back in the UK, I am so disappointed by the way the education system here is being approached. It seems to be all about drumming facts into very young children and achieving high exam results, to the point of which some schools have lied about their results.
    Yes, we should all learn to read, write and do maths, but having it drummed into us? Well clearly if we look at the UK literacy statistics (one in five children leaving primary school cannot read or write), then it isn’t working.

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