Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 13, 2007

Aesthetics-What is on your desk?


Taking a look at the paperclip in front of me I notice…it is green, covered in plastic, bendable, curved, metal shows through on either end, it casts a small curved shadow of the inside loop and the outer line, the shadow changes if I reshape the paper clip, or flip it over

I think the paperclip is a wonderful invention.  It has many uses…we have used it in our home to hang ornaments and pictures, in addition to it’s function as a paper holder.  I like to use the plastic coated…fun colors, and they are attracted to

Wonder…who invented the paperclip?  Where did it originate?  Who still thinks up all the new ideas for different clips?  How would you learn more about the paperclip?  Does anyone start their careers thinking… I will create the new more amazing paperclip? Who makes paperclips?  Who found their job/calling with paperclip design, construction and production?


Pick up something on your desk.  Observe and write about what you see, think and wonder…or just write what you notice.


Check out this paperclip art:



  1. G’day Susan-
    I loved this post because I have a friend who is just as inquisitive about things, and the reason of its creativity…I am looking around my desk now as I type, but the only thing worth talking about is my pen-set. It is a very special Christmas gift I received from the men in my life…my 2 sons and hubby! I love its simplicity, and its character. On a small royal blue platform, stands the globe, and yes, it spins! It is designed out of marble flakes and mother of pearl, the globe held together with a striking gold frame. The pen is also gold, with a lovely little fake diamond at the end. I absolutely love this pen! It writes perfectly, even when upside down!!!! [Has anyone seen the Seinfeld ‘Astronaut Pen’ episode????] lol
    So as I sit doodling or writing the words of my next article or book, i can also spin the globe and visualise where all my other internet-buddies live!

    Cheers from the ‘land down under’!

  2. Cheers to you, Debbie! Thank you for your post. I can just picture that lovely globe… and the marvelous fake diamond! Gifts like that, with such warm and inviting memories, are perfect.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog and learning about your doodles and writings from the fabulous pen!

  3. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere on the net! 🙂

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