Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 23, 2007




I will take on the challenge from the pages of The Artist’s Way this week (I am on chapter 4)…one week with no reading!  Yes, no reading all week…this is a HUGE challenge for me. 

So today I will finish my novel that I am reading and say adeiu to reading for this entire week.  That said, I will also take a week off from blog postings. 

This will allow time to “fill the well”.  I do escape into reading so often.  It keeps me away from the “doing” and “being” and will be a needed break.  I wonder how I will do…just reading those words, no reading, makes me jumpy, edgy and out of myself. 

So, on into learning about myself…without a book in hand, newspaper spread on the couch, computer on…looking forward to the journey…with apprehension!

My next post will be on December 30.  I have created a mandala from this site on this page as a reminder that I am going out of my comfort zone, and back into myself as a creative being.

What will you do this week to nurture your creative “self”?



  1. Susan,

    I have been so enjoying reading your blog posts. I applaud your commitment to no-reading. It is so wise to do something different from what you ordinarily do. Vacation means to vacate! Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way is an extraordinary book, thanks for the reminder.

    What am I going do to this week? Take a little rest, that will nurture my creative self.

    Take Care,

  2. Hmmm…. I love winter. I am not one of those that misses the light, because I find the light of winter to be very comforting. Our house is on a street with no street lights, which was one of the bonuses for me when purchasing it because of the winter light. Think about it: On an evening like last night, it was blowing, snowing, despite the lack of accumulation it was blizzard-like for a little while. I was lying in bed with all of the blinds open, and our room was brighter than it had been all year – 2am. It was beautiful. There’s something about the light of a winter night that I find very peaceful – even with the rattling wind! I remember going for walks in the middle of the night at my parents’ cabin in the U.P. in winter. There was absolutely NO man-made light. If I was lucky enough to catch a full moon I would always think that it was brighter than a summer’s day, and there were no cars/people/neon signs/businesses rushing around and breaking up the light. It was very healing and calming for me. I LOVE summer, don’t get me wrong, but winter has a special light that I miss the rest of the year…

    While I will try not to judge those with Seasonal Affectionate Disorder, I wonder if they’ve taken the time to soak up the winter light. They may find a happiness and peace within it that they can find no other time of the year.

    O.K., enough. I often feel I am a commercial for the snowfall.

  3. Love this post, Diane:) Very lovely…and I agree. I once saw the aroara (sp?) in the UP when I was up in the winter for Winterfest in Houghton, MI. Gorgeous and the very “polar” (forgive the pun) opposite of summer. Shimmering and silvery…

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