Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 23, 2007



Waiting for the light…always looking for the light.  It is always a joy for me to begin winter and know that the light will begin to return anew. 

I dreamed of oak leaves last night (actually around the time of the start of the solstice).  Wondering about this meaning…I did a little research.  The Oak King and the Holly King is an ancient story depicting the solstice(s) (both winter and summer).  I found this to be fascinating…put me in mind of the book The Mists of Avalon , by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

This then led to songs…such as The Holly and the Ivy and the connection between religions…back to my wandering.

The beauty of dreams, mystical and ancient lore fascinates me.   The joy to have the light return lifts my spirit and encourages me to once again see things with new eyes.

Where are you on this first day of the winter solstice?



  1. Hi-
    I wanted to comment on your Oak leaves dream. Have you read “The Golden Bough”…a real classic by James Frazer? He talks at length of the significance of the Oak tree. Ritual, sacrifice, renewal, vitality, strength, challenges… the tree of life-and of death. So deeply connected with the Solstice, I just had to send this. Many myths and religions (as Joseph Cambell would say: Religion is another person’s myth and myth is another’s religion…or something to that effect) are bound to the Oak tree… It is worth study.

    I enjoy your posts.


  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for the read…I will look into it!

    I appreciate and thank you for your kind words and thoughtful comments:)

  3. Oak leaves are a sign of renewal in strength–how appropriate!

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