Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 31, 2007

My week off from reading!



With a week off from reading…and blogging…and on-line networking, here is a list of how I filled my time:

  • Walks in the woods and on the beach
  • Took pictures (see above…beautiful snow!)
  • Painted a mandala of my dreams each day (see two of them above:)
  • Wrote the beginning of an article
  • Watched several movies with the family
  • Analyzed my own dreams, and my son’s dreams
  • cleaned out my closet
  • cleaned off my desk and files at work
  • wandered around:)
  • Put on Pandora radio and danced around the room each night with the family
  • Read Tarot cards each day for self and family
  • Connected back in with my husband
  • Enjoyed longer meals

From this point on, I will keep my reading, blogging and on-line networking in check.  Shorter times allotted for reading with time for all creative activities that I enjoy…and that bring me great peace and perspective.

I might look into a photography class soon, as well!



  1. Susan,
    I so enjoy reading your blog. One winter we had a very nasty icestorm, no power for several days and we were some of the lucky ones. The kids were home with no TV, computer games, radio. We found that we had more time, played board games by lantern light, more time outside. More conversation, reconnecting. You made great use of your time.

  2. I love taking time to not do what we typically fill our time doing…and the results are wonderful! Oh, and I love!
    Your posts have me in the mood for mandalas…:)
    Happy New Year!

  3. Hello Susan,
    I like your blog. And you were very smart in taking time out to do what felt good for you. You did a lot of creative and fun things. I like your creative side and your warm smile. I am into tarot reading myself. I also enjoy reading my horoscopes. I purchased the other day a couple of paint brushes and a paint set. So far I have not done anything with them. I am no painter other than to paint little object and paint by numbers. lol
    I am thinking about taking a class on doing something fun and creative. Let’s see what I come up with.

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