Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 3, 2008



Out in the woods with a camera the other day, became a beautiful way to “notice” my surroundings.  I was able to take a moment to ponder. 

Above is a photo of the grass as it became burdened with the heavy snow that was falling.  The wonderful pattern that was created caught my eye and I clicked.  I took my usual path with the dog and continued to click as I saw things that were familiar, yet new in the snow. 

Tonight, as I took out the garbage, the snow was gently falling in the light of the garage.  I took a moment to hold out my mittened hand and capture the snow crystals…wonderous!  What intricate patterns and beautiful, sparkling shapes.

What did you “notice” tonight?



  1. My Dear Susan,

    I am so delighted to see the form your blogging has taken.

    You know…I take two hours out of every day ( most days) and I just let myself be. No books, no TV, no music, no phone, no computer.
    It refreshes me like nothing else I have ever done.

    We had a bit of snow this morning, and it was very cold, but I had to spend time outside just feeling it on my face and watching the many forms it takes as it settles into and on everything around.

    The farm is really peaceful under a blanket of snow, it really demands reflection on a deeper level.

    Dancing and singing around the room…love it, tried it tonight and had a wonderful time.

    I love your blog and will make a point of keeping up a bit better come the new year.

    Have a Joyful and Beautiful January!

    Bea Kunz

  2. Hi Beautiful Bea!
    Love your words, as always:) Dancing…great for the soul/sole:) Hee Hee…

    Checked out your blog…where have you been lately?

    Here’s to the snow!

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