Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 6, 2008

Creativity…family connections

o-picture.jpgk-picture.jpglight bulbbeach-ice.jpg

Spending time home with family was so very rewarding.  My kids saw me write in my journal each day, paint pictures of my dreams and take photographs outside.  Modeling does pay off!

Above, (difficult to see), are pictures created by my children.  One was done while my oldest son listened to rock and roll music…he listened to the same song several times and drew while he listened.  The other picture, done by my youngest son, was similar to an art project he had done in school.  He took time (with his new markers) to check out all of the colors to get them just right. 

The light bulb was a photo taken by my eldest son and the beach, ice shot was taken by my youngest son while on the beach of Lake Michigan. 

What are creative activities that you do that others “mimic” or learn from you while observing?



  1. I love these pictures your boys did. I really like the light bulb photo – it looks like a professional took it, and I’d be interested in hearing what he was thinking when he snapped it! I can relate to your youngest taking the time to pick out all of the right colors, my two boys are the same. Their creativity really strikes me at times, especially the younger. His imagination is astounding, and I love to listen to him when he’s talking to himself playing, when he thinks noone is listening. He’ll devise this story out of a spoon, an action figure, and some blank, crumpled paper. He’ll play with anything, and often come out of his room to dig through the kitchen, bathroom, or living room cabinets to find something to add to his collection of items he’s playing with. I’ll ask him what he’s looking for and he’ll say he doesn’t know. Once he sees it, he exclaims: “I found it!”. An item just speaks to him, it automatically make sense to him and he’s very excited about it. I’m trying to let him explore this way as much as I can. My instinct is to tell him not to mess with the kitchen things, not to mess up the bathroom, etc. But I have to remind myself that his creativity is something I want to support, not extingiush. Have you ever heard that song – about a boy painting in kindergarten, his teacher telling him that roses are red, not all the other colors he was painting them, she kept going on and on, and in a year or so all of his creativity was stifled. Have you heard it before? I have to find it – not a great musical song, but a really great message. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to let the boys just “BE”. I’m always harping: Clean up that mess! Your hair is too long! When the “mess” is a village one has made for play, and the hair is an expression (of some sort :). Wish me luck. It is difficult for me to let go – but this entry of yours is motivating!

  2. Wonderful message…one we can all learn from:) Thank you for sharing this…

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