Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 15, 2008

Lists…What does this have to do with creativity?


I have never been one to write lists…until I had children.  Now my life is a whirlwind of scheduling.  I use to fight and resist…”I will not write lists!  I can remember things just fine in my head!”  Wow…this is just not true.  Probably never was.

I am starting to realize that having an on-going simple list of side-track items that need to be done helps a great deal.  I actually feel satisfied when I have crossed out a few and can breath more easily.  It is like writing in  a journal…once the words are written and down on the paper, a bit of the pressure is off.  I can look at the “time” element and be realistic about what can really get done in a day.

But what does this have to do with creativity?  Well…I can look at the cleaned off computer desk and know that the papers that were falling off the shelves and the sticky notes that had practically covered the monitor are now gone…taken care of…peace is restored.  This then allows for a bit of painting, or reflecting on the falling snow, reading for a short bit, writing on my blog:)  or in my journal.  (Yep, just checked off 4 things and am now writing here.)

I look back at past posts and realize the chores and day-to-day activities are endless.  Writing them on a list, checking them off…well it is really a matter of time commitments.  Also, this leaves room for flexibility and…yes…spontaneity.  The detritus is taken care of leaving room for larger pursuits.

What do you think?



  1. As you know, I have been a list-maker for years. I find that it helps to free up my brain space for more creative thought when I am not holding the mundane in my head. Also, I know that I am not balanced or terribly healthy when I avoid making lists–it means that I am starting to avoid everything in my life—from the mundane to the sublime. As strange and oxymoronic as it seems, lists can allow for more space for reflection and creativity. (As I write this, big snowflakes are swirling outside my window—-and the sun is shining!!)

  2. Beautiful image…snow and sun:)

  3. A list is extra storage for your head. It brings structure out of chaos and then, there, in the gaps between planned activities, you’ll find unexpected gems – spaces where you can think thoughts no longer hidden under a maelstrom of deadlines and duties.

  4. I also like some open space to create. I get up really early – about 5 – and get my house things done, and then I reward myself with much of the day for creating and writing, until it’s time to make dinner. For years the work rat race ran my life, now I get to run my own.

  5. Encouraging creativity in children is my passion. So I am on a creativity quest! Add viewing this short video to your list–it’s a great look at creativity.
    (maybe you’ve seen it already because it was on my blog from last January…just can’t get enough of it.)

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