Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 29, 2008


fasky2b1.jpgFather Sky, Mother Earth
Navajo Sandpainting Textile

I was listening to Joseph Campbell this morning on the ride to work.  He was discussing the Navajo mandalas/sandpaintings. 

I found this sand painting/textile (above) at the following site:

Mandala painting has been my way for a while, to capture a window to my life as it is at the moment of the painting.  The sand painting by the Navajo was used in healing rituals.  With the support of the shaman, the individual who needed healing would actually be right in the mandala/sandpainting.   Putting these thoughts together…I have found the mandala to be a continuous focus of strength and learning for each day…for healing and rebuilding.

What are your thoughts on the mandala?  Why do you think there are mandalas found in so many spiritual ceremonies or cultures?


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