Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 1, 2008




The color of a beautiful stone.  I am turquoise lining the inside edge of a canyon.  The sun warms me and my blue/green brilliance is reflected back with radiance and grace.  I am a part of the earth, yet distinct in color and texture.   I can hear the wind whip by me as the sand grazes my sides and takes a small bit of me off to other places to settle.

Pick a color:  What mood or feeling does that color evoke in you?  If you “became” that color, what would you be?  Where do you see that color in your world or in your imagination?

 Tell me a color story …



  1. My color thoughts are leading me in two directions.

    With no effort I can walk many miles through pure white forms, or nothing.

    My brain knowing that white is the Essence of all other colors I feel the pull to move into a green place.

    Sunlight is white until it forms a rainbow-
    A rainbow is fleeting for it has other task than our gaze-
    It leads me to follow the green light, to move, to feel safe.

    When I’m walking in green I’m a field of grass and grain, just sprouting and forming new beginnings. Green relaxes my mind and my soul.
    Green brings thoughts of new life, promises of a better time.
    Hope, that others will see green as a favorite; color, thought, a standard by which they will live and teach.

    My love for Copper and for Green Jade is a lead off of my love for green .

    I am a part of all things the universe has so intricately weaved from it’s core to mine….all powered by color.

    Bea Kunz

  2. Gorgeous:)

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