Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 3, 2008

Dreams of Fish


Wondering about my dreams from the last two days.  There are two fish…one is a beautiful orange goldfish and the other is a black/blue/red guppy, of sorts.  The goldfish swims elegantly in the fishbowl while the guppy is out of the water, looking up at me, pleading. 

I try to get the guppy back in the water…into a small container where he will not fit.  The goldfish in the bowl always ends up smashed on the ground and I frantically look for ways to get both back into the water and not let them get cut by the glass. 

In last nights dream, I tried to allow another to get them into the bowl, and felt releived that they were in water and taken care of.  But a man came to me and told me, once I find the fish again, I need to put them into the mailbox slot and continue to work with him to take care of them.

I do not have a clear understanding of this reoccuring dream…but nothing complete, yet.

What do you dream?  What images repeat themselves? 



  1. Hi Susan,

    I don’t dream a lot, but I have had dreams where I would pick up every night from the night before and dream an entire story.

    A few images that seem to be a constant in my dreams are trains and bridges.

    I find this intriguing because…the one dream that has stayed with me throughout my life from when I was about 8 years old, involved a bridge over a train track. I have never lost any memory of that dream.

    So much to know…so hard to grasp the understanding.

    Sweet dreams tonight…let the little fish swim away…

    Bea Kunz

  2. I spend a lot of dream time standing in deep red canyons trying to figure out how to get to the top. I have no clue what it means, nor do I evidently have any clue how to climb that canyon!!!

  3. Years back, I’d have a recurring dream about driving on the interstate. The overpasses (esp. the big high ones that loop around) and bridges would turn limp like cooked spaghetti noodles and move around. Made it tricky getting across the river, some didn’t always make it to the other side. A few cars got wet, but if you sped up before the end of the bridge, you’d make it across to rest of the road.

  4. Bridges and trains…
    Deep Red canyons…how to get to the top
    Reoccuring images
    bridges and overpasses…spaghetti noodles…making it across…

    What interesting images remain with us from our youth and into today…

    Wondering on all the meanings for you. I have wonderful images now in my mind from you all:)

  5. Susan,
    Try to become the guppy and the goldfish. Ask yourself these “6 Magic Questions”:

    I am a guppy/goldfish, my purpose is to______________
    My goal as a guppy/goldfish is to_____________
    As a guppy/goldfish, I love ______________
    I hate ________________
    I fear ________________
    I desire_______________

    You can also try constructing a dream poem around the two figures. This brings out emotions that you never thought possible. Associations are made to the two symbols and suddenly you are able to understand on a new level. It is very powerful, personally.

    Good luck!

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