Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 8, 2008

Dream Collage

dreams willowdreams 2

I decided to make a list of my dream images.  Then, I went out looking for photos that matched my images.  Now, I am putting them together into collages! 

While I have enjoyed the watercoloring, I have always loved collage.  Taking the images from my dreams seemed like a logical step.  After a year or two of dream journaling, I have found some very similar themes…and now many images!

I think I will make the collages for a while.  I have noticed that I am getting some ideas for larger assemblages (sp?) for future projects.  In the meantime, it is wonderful to explore the images and see how I can put them together to form new works of art:)

Do you have list of images that are important and meaningful to you?  How do you record those images?  or do you just keep them for yourself in your mind’s eye?



  1. My journal is a true mish-mash. Everything goes in, not much order. So I do have scrawled entries of what I call symbols and often review the pages when I am writing. Here are a few: shadows, tornadoes, a room with no windows or doors, swirling water and wings. Wow, what does that list say… maybe I should fake it and write roses, butterflies and sunshine. 🙂

  2. Oh! I think your list is full of excitement and mystery:) I know what you mean, though. The dream lists can seem so heavy and passionate.

    I appreciate all of your comments, Barbara.

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