Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 9, 2008

Little things I love


I love lighting a candle…then, after the match is blown out…putting the match into water to hear it make this sound…psssst…

That is a little thing I love:)



  1. Susan, I love this little post. My little girls love to blow out candles and they usually fight a little bit about who would blow the first.

  2. I love that little circle of hair on the back of a newborn’s head. Jared was born with a ton of hair, and I would trace that little circle with my finger all the time. Still do it today, as he has a cowlick there now….wonder why? 🙂 Was just tracing his head this morning as he woke up – “Mom. Why do you always do that?”

  3. I love listening to others type. They’ll get going fast, fingers flying, mind racing. Then a pause. They have to think. I can tell when they’re pushing the backspace to correct an error, or typing slowly as they think it through or try to spell. I wonder what they’re doing? Email? A report? Data entry? So fun!

  4. Me again! I love this one!

    I love how Kyle’s nose wrinkles up as he’s eating. Almost as if he doesn’t like the food, but then he keeps going. It’s just how his mouth is connected to his nose – such a small space!

  5. Hi Red2White…what is it about children and matches…? must be the same thing as I experience…wonder and beauty…some power over fire?
    Thanks for posting when you can. I love your blog:)

  6. laughldi…just precious! I see the wonder that you see:)

  7. i don´t know, why they love them
    i will ask tommorrow
    (after the first sentence i wanted to say my reasons, but then i stopped. why do I think that I know everything? they know already something about themselves too..:) ) will tell you tommorrrow

  8. I know, it is almost a week ago, not “tommorrow”, but better late than never…So hear their answer:
    “Because I am” the little one
    “Because I can make a wish…, with candles on birthday cakes wishes ALWAYS come true. With other candles they might, you never know!” Ah, now I know! 🙂

  9. Great to know:) thanks for sharing,

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