Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 15, 2008


miniture kitchen 2The Art Institute of Chicago

I was in Chicago this past fall and made the trek to the Art Institute of Chicago.  I am always drawn to the room of miniatures:)  Maybe it’s the little girl in me…or the beauty of the intricacies of the work….fascinating.

Whatever the reason, I was reminded of these rooms when reading “The Other Boelyn Sister”.  One of these rooms (actually the french or english) popped into my head.  (I have put up a photo of..

Mrs. James Ward Thorne
American, 1882-1966
E-5: English Cottage Kitchen of the Queen Anne Period, 1702-14

because it also resonates with me.)

The other fascination for me was that Mrs. James Ward Thorne elaborated on her own interest in miniatures, creatively bringing these rooms into being.  It was wonderful to read about her and learn how the rooms were put together…so much amazing detail!

I will take some time now to look through the site at the Art Institute, on-line, and enjoy the intracacy and beauty of these works.  They certainly tell amazing stories!



  1. I spent joyous afternoons in the Thorne exhibit, a ruffian at the age of 8 or 10, who refused to be rushed through the sights by uniforms or matronly stares of disapproval. My parents and I lived 300 miles away and the the several occasions when we spent a week-end vacation in Chicago, I was allowed to spend my time with the wee miniatures while my family went looking at suits of armor etc. The delicious days when you could wander, quite unafraid that a stranger might be really a stranger and not a friend in disguise.

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