Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 16, 2008

Dream Motifs


I have been finding common images and motifs in my dreams.  Then, I locate pictures that represent these images and put them together into a collage.

This motif explores bowls, eggs, ladders and willow branches.  I have a clearer understanding of the meaning when I put the images together on a page. 

I enjoy manipulating the images when awake and thinking back to the dreams.  Each of the dreams, even though it happened on a different occasion, meld together and create a larger world for me.

I am really happy to have a few minutes each day to create using images that are meaningful to me.  All of my ideas can be explored each day creatively.  There is always a full well from which to draw.



  1. I like this excercises, I was wondering do you remember your dreams or do you make effort to remember once you wake up jotting them down or so?

  2. that’s a great question. I do not always remember my dreams. When I wake up, I write any words or images I can remember. sometimes not a lot or nothing….sometimes great dreams in great detail!

    sometimes I ask to remember my dreams…this helps:)

  3. that is a great idea…. i like that putting images together frm yr dreams and placing them together and see what you get… as most of the time i can only remember bits and pieces that come to me during the day… i may try that!!

  4. Yes…those bits and pieces are sometimes all I have. Then, I notice that they repeat…even over years! sometimes, after I speak the dream or create a work from the images, I do not have those images appear again…wondering about that.

    Would love to see your “pieces of dreams”….perhaps like pie?

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  6. […] began about a year and a half ago.  I wanted a place to create…put down my thoughts, ideas, dreams, writings…everything that helps me to create meaning in my life.  What a wonderful […]

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