Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 22, 2008

Frozen Lake Michigan

frozen lake

What do you see in this picture? 

I went down to walk the beach this evening.  I think my favorite time to be on Lake Michigan, believe it or not, is in February.   These huge “ice waves” as my boys call them always put me in awe…sand in the snow and ice…how can that be?

What do you see….?



  1. I see a beautiful picture of a very cold place. Also a good place to be alone with nature.

  2. 🙂 so true…”alone” but filled with wonder…

  3. I see what looks like frozen Arctic tundra, and SUNSHINE!
    I notice that since as that’s what I’m missing the most at the moment,
    It’s a beautiful peaceful picture.
    and thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment : )

  4. I’d guess a lovely sandy desert scene, blue mountains in the background, and a warm sun. Oh, wait. I’m dreaming, right?

  5. Being originally from Michigan and having in-laws from Toledo, OH I have been to the Great Lakes a few times. However, I have never seen them frozen in time like this image portrays. Thanks for sharing, you captured the true beauty of the area in your photo.


  6. Caroline-hoping that sunshine stays around!
    Barbara, sandy desert…looking for the palm trees…
    Ginger-You are welcome:) Lake Michigan frozen is still a wonder to me…growing up in Michigan, on the other side of the state, we only saw the lakes in summer…so different!

  7. It reminds me of how much I misse the lake! I usually visit the lake two or three times a week. The winter has been so harsh that I have missed many visits. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of how much I too love the lake this time of year.


  8. Above, I see a diamond like sun very beautiful in a clear blue sky.
    Below I see a deserted and very cold looking space, very inhospitable. Nowhere to stand or rest for a while.

  9. A star coming down to pay a visit to an alone traveller… alone, but not lonely.


  10. I see one form of beauty
    and space
    and I love both very much.

  11. thank you all for the wonderful images through your words…I am enjoying and savoring each and everyone.

  12. ned said:

    Those two “words” explain my thoughts, exactly.

  13. 😀 Thanks

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  15. I see a new cover for Paulo Coelho’s book, “The Alchemist.” I see the image as a hot one–desert dunes at a oasis. Resting, alone.

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