Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 25, 2008

My Creative Partner

Original Tune!!!

Check it out:)



  1. LOVED this. He wrote it? It’s great – my new favorite song! Very, very good. So: the few YouTube’s I’ve watched of him I keep thinking he reminds me of someone: now I know. James Taylor. I hope he thinks that’s a good thing, ’cause I do!

    I’m impressed.

    Now for the criticism (you guys love me and you know it). Shoot it from the side, because the microphone hides his face! The hat does, too, but I don’t know that he’ll give that up. He performs well, we should be able to see him better! I’m sure you’ve thought of all this, and shot it this way for a reason, and are not asking for my opinion… but that’s how I am.



  2. Cool…yep…original tune:) We thought the same on the mike, but the hat will remain!

  3. He could be on Americal Idol. Or something better. Seriously. Love it.

  4. LOVED IT!!! Someone I know is getting lucky!!!!

  5. Lovely tunes. Is that guitar what I think it is?

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