Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 28, 2008

colors in my mind’s eye


When meditating or practicing yoga, I see many colors.  I have been told this is my chakras opening….I love that!  That I can breathe, focus, let my mind go and see color.

I have been trying to get the images of the color onto paper.  This seems a difficult task.  (I have placed one of the images, above.) The colors shift and change…like those phosphenes that you see when staring at the sun too long.  The colors appear and my mind likes to name them…or am I naming colors and they appear?  Either way, I love to see them. They have been a part of my inner-world for as long as I can remember. They keep me company.

And now, I want to attempt to honor those moving colors by re-creating them onto paper.  Any ideas for creating images of moving, swirling color?  I am wondering what medium to work in to get just the right illusion.



  1. Hi Susan
    What a lovely art project. I would suggest using chalk pastels working round in circles or whatever you’re shapes are pressing firmly to get nice strong colours. Then rubbing with you’re fingers again following the direction of you’re shape.Try experimenting with different coloured paper when using the pastels as the background colour can have a big effect on how the colours show up.
    Also if you want to get even more messy Try applying poster or acrylic paints thickly or straight from the bottle then getting you’re fingers stuck in and swirling it around. limit your colours for this one though or you’ll just get a lovely brown circle!

    Good luck and have fun!
    : )

  2. Great idea:) thanks for the comment! I;m on it…

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