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I wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” to Mary Jacobs Trumpfheller…a delightful and brilliant intuative.  Mary has touched so many…her work is uplifting and her knowledge of astrology is deep.  Here is Mary’s mission statement from her site, Innerpathways:

It is my intention to use the art and science of Astrology as a guidance system for daily life and personal growth. I do not believe in absolute prediction since we all create our own reality. I do believe we all have spiritual “tools” available that can guide and direct us into more of who we can be, and where we can go, that best suits our spiritual destiny. I believe that our choices and environment have a direct impact on our life path and that we have a personal story or psychology behind us that can be better understood with the use of Astrology. My goal is to use this gift with sincerity, integrity, and to use both my knowledge and experience wisely and conscientiously.

Take a look around…

I feel so fortunate to have met Mary and have had the opportunity to connect on a deeper level.  She is a true gem and we are so lucky to have her nearby to learn from her great wisdom.

What’s your sign?



  1. Libra – though I am absolutely, without a doubt, the most unbalanced person I know. Ha!

  2. HA! I find, looking at your blog, a lovely balance with your photos:) It is interesting how we perceive ourselves…and using blogs, what we choose for others to “see” of us.

    Good to hear from you!

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