Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 6, 2008

Walk in the snow

My sons and I took a walk today in the melting snow.  We saw so many wonderous sights.  We have been noticing the ice formations.  Also, the way leaves (mostly oak) have fallen into the snow and have left imprints of their shapes….amazing!

Above is a photo that my eldest son took.  Both boys have been busy taking pictures of the ice as it changes around our house.  I just love their interest in noticing the small, beautiful things around them. They take time to slow down….and truly notice:)



  1. Nice that your children enjoy the ‘noticing’ part of life. I think it’s a skill that is parented – we teach our children to notice because they see us notice everything. A wonderful gift.

  2. Thanks:)

  3. This is from my little to your big. . .


    big owen

  4. cool!

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