Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 11, 2008

Music that gets cha dancin’

william-h-johnson-jitterbugs1.jpg William H. Johnson, Jitterbug

A few days ago I heard a new song….well, let’s just say….a shake your booty song!  Which then reminded me of others.  Check them out and get shakin’….

Lee Coulter, Booty Voodoo  or 

Laura Love, Mahbootay (thanks, Jen!)

And who can forget…KC and the Sunshine Band???

And to be demure…check this out:) (Explicit lyrics…)



  1. Thanks for the link! Hilarious!!!

    Not sure I could get away with this one on the MSHS stage…nasty (but fun for sure!).

    Really enjoyed connected with you guys again and we enjoyed your music! Great job people!!

    Keep on making music…

  2. […] Music that gets cha dancin’ March 2008 1 comment 4 […]

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