Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 13, 2008

Fish Dream…again…

So…the fish dream came back.  A bit of a different form this time.  The fish was very colorful…iridescent.  Pinks, blues, greens…like those asian fighter fish. 

This fish was ancient. He had been in the tank I was peering into for hundreds of years.  He had the ability to attach his upper fin to the craggy overhang and rest.  He had a message and kept looking me in the eye….but I could not hear him.

In a previous post, I received this comment from Dream Therapy Now .  I was asked to do the following:

Ask yourself these “6 Magic Questions”:

I am a guppy/goldfish, my purpose is to______________
My goal as a guppy/goldfish is to_____________
As a guppy/goldfish, I love ______________
I hate ________________
I fear ________________
I desire_______________

I am going to try that now with this dream….changing the guppy/goldfish to asian fighter fish….hmmm…gets me wondering already.

What do you dream?



  1. What an interesting idea (asking the questions)
    and what a lovely picture it’s so hard to capture a dream as they disolve (for me) so quickly.
    I had a dream last night that I was giving my good friend some useful advice now I can’t remember what it was!
    How frustrating!
    : )

  2. While you were trying for a meaningful conversation with a Betta, I was riding a very large white horse down a major street in a very large city. Though my horse wasn’t trying to talk to me – actually, he may have been trying to kill me. 🙂

  3. Caroline-yes..that all time favorite “I had this great dream where I was giving/getting amazing advice…I just wish I could remember what it was!” My husband, who is a musician, does the same thing with the composition of the best song ever! if only he could remember it upon awakening:)

    Barbara-wow! How did that turn out? White horse…trying to kill you…yikes! does that hold meaning for you in your daily life? Perhaps all of those visits to the zoo??:) Thanks for sharing…I actually think your dream sounds very significant…what do you think?

    Great to hear from you both!

  4. Last night I dreamt of a huge, orange sun sitting on the horizon of a desert. I was walking, hot, thirsty, exhausted. It was incredibly windy, blowing sand into my face, hair, and neck. I tried to fly many times, only to crash into the sand, weeping. My youngest son appeared, but when he did it felt as though he had been with me the whole time. He says to me: “Mom, why are you here? You hate the sand!” Then I woke up. Translation: A combination of finishing the book I’ve been reading (“A Thousand Splendid Suns” – Susan you can grab it from me whenever), my hesitation to reading these books that pull me in so emotionally, and my interation with my son earlier that evening, when he was being very affectionate despite my lack of attention to him the past few days. He can pull me out of any dark thoughts with his hugs and kisses. This dream was easy to interpret, but not all are like that. I either have very vivid dreams that stick with me for days, or dreams that I really want to remember yet can’t. Or maybe I’m interpreting wrong….what do you think?

  5. Also, I don’t remember and can’t find your comments on your original fish dream. Can you remind me? I’m curious.

  6. Hi D,
    I wrote to you via email…amazing dream:) Here is my other post on a fish dream…

    Thanks for sharing. The heat, flying, falling, weeping, son/sun, sand are really pulling for a look…your son is a beautiful connection for you:) I also love how what we are reading or seeing in our waking world is worked into our dreams…taking them apart to find the meanings is a great puzzle to me.


  7. susan – riding the horse through streets lined with skyscrapers – similar to my dreams on being trapped in the bottom of a canyon surrounded by cliffs. don’t you think? I’m too weary to try and figure it out, though.

  8. I like the way you ask me to comment. I might try that.

    I had a dream last night of these rainbow colored frogs. They were everywhere. All different sizes, from really small ones to really large ones. I have no idea what this means.

  9. Hey Barbara…weary is a word filled with such tangible feeling…sounds like this reoccuring theme in your dream is playing out in different ways…I hope that you have some time to find peace in your days… your blog shows such beauty and serenity…but there is always an undercurrent of passion for the wonder of life.


  10. Hey Ned,
    Frogs…I did a little “looking around” on Animal Speak and in “dream moods’ . What do frogs mean to you? And the rainbow colors…hmmm…would love to hear your thoughts on how color and frogs play out in your waking life.

  11. Oddly enough, the next day in the paper there was a picture of a fire bellied toad that just arrived at our local zoo.

    According to the article, this year has been declared “Year of the Frog” to help bring awareness to amphibian endangerment or something.

    I don’t know if that has anything to do with my dream… there are some personal associations I have to frogs. I just thought this was ironic or serendipitous or both. 😀

  12. Interesting…will you go to the zoo to visit the frog? Have you had any further dreams of frogs?

  13. […] Dreaming of fishing minnows from the waters of Lake Michigan.  Dreamed of fish in March: […]

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