Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 14, 2008

Images in my mind


I have been reading a lot…and thinking…then meditating and working towards awakening and a clear mind with the thinking being allowed to be noticed and moved on…well, you get the point.

In attempting to get a grasp on my “ego” I saw the image above in my…mind’s eye(?), well, where ever it came from, it was noted.  I tried to explain the image/feeling to my husband…then, I took a moment to get the image down on paper. 

With all of the statements of “I” above, I guess I am fairly well entrenched in the “ego”.  Work in progress…noticing the ego, noticing the changes in “breaking the heavy shell” and moving into the brightness.

What images come into your mind?  How do you share those images with others?  Or do you?



  1. I’ve had many visions over the years — it’s not “paranormal,” it’s normal 🙂 It’s always to assist us, not to fix us. We’re not broken 🙂

    Hmmm, interesting and very synchronous that I should come upon this. The symbol (“totem”) of the cardinal (redbird) has been coming to me in a big way lately. In a book called “Animal-Speak,” it indicates that the cardinal’s message is “Renewed vitality through recognizing Self-Importance.” “It reflects lessons in developing and accepting a new sense of our own true self-importance.”

    We are very special…very special beings (“self-importance”). There is nothing truly “wrong” with us that knowing this wouldn’t cure…that loving and embracing all that we are wouldn’t cure. True self-love is the answer. We need to stop trying to alter or fix ourselves, and simply love ourselves. When we can truly do that, we will heal, and from that we will heal others…and we will truly love others ONLY when we can do that toward ourselves. End of story.

    We’re just mucking things up with this odd endeavor to eliminate the “ego.”

    I see gold in your vision 🙂 We are “gold,” very precious… The love begins with us loving us…


  2. Thank you, Dove:) Your words come at a time when they were most needed. It is wonderful to meet you.

    I have gone onto your site and was delighted to read about your Tarot readings!

    Also, thank you for the site on “learning the Tarot”…I have a deck and work with it a bit, but what to learn more about the meanings of the cards.

    Looking forward to future connections with you! May that cardinal share in your continued joy of self-discovery!

  3. Hi Susan 🙂 I’m so glad my words and presence here have been of benefit to you, that’s always wonderful to hear. Yes, that Tarot site is awesome, one of the best, and certainly the best for those just starting out.

    I had the most delicious visit from a cardinal, believe it or not, shortly after making that comment. I had a lot of work to do, but it was soooo nice outside, I decided to go sit by my bedroom window. Lotsa trees out there, the sky was so pretty… The branches just outside my window were free of birds, so peaceful and quiet, and then out of the blue, a cardinal flew up and landed on a branch right in front of me (I had seen one in the front earlier), second-story window. Amazing considering the small “frame” I had through this window…that it would land on a branch so perfectly in my view. It was so amazing, so wonderful, so timely, it totally thrilled me. I melted into the joy of it… It was like a beautiful punctuation of what I’d just written here on your blog, a sweet little winged thumb’s up 😉

    Btw, your creation of your vision is wonderful 🙂


  4. The picture of your image caught my attention immediately this morning. I keep having the same dream I told you of before, walking in the desert, the sun being so hot, being exhausted, but little variations here and there. Your picture seems to come right from my dream. Exactly. It gave me goosebumps – seriously. Your feelings towards your image and vision are much different than my feelings, yet the image is the same. How can that be? I suppose it’s all in how we look at it. In my mind’s eye, I see hot, sandy, exhaustion. Each work of art will conjure up different feelings for each of based upon our own experiences and moods. So strange, this picture you’re created for yourself……..

  5. Me again. I’ve logged on a bunch of times today just see this picture. Every time it makes my stomach flip. (In a strange, “Oh-my-gosh” kind of way.) I’d love to see it in person……wha’d’ya think? Will you bring it on Thursday?



  6. Hey! That is sooo amazing, laughlidi:) I will bring it on Thursday. I am intrigued with the reaction..and that the images is so similar to your dream…

    Looking forward to the disscussion!

  7. Hi Dove,
    WOW! Thank you for sharing your wonderful visit:) What a way to enjoy and connect with the world. It’s those moments we decide to take a break and truly enjoy the wonder of nature that we receive those gifts.
    Love hearing from you!

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