Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 16, 2008

Maple Sugar-ing!

Maple sugaring!  We learned all about the process…from the hot rocks in the sap- to the more modern methods.  What a great day!

We ended up going to VanRaalte Farms:  the program was run by DeGraff Nature Center:

 And we purchases our own spile so that we can try tapping the huge maple in our front yard!  More on that to come…  Here is a site I found on “how to”

And a bit of history on the Ojibwe Sugar Bush:

What do you love about nature in the early spring?



  1. the sap is running – wow! how fun to share this with your kids.

  2. We had a blast:) We have even collected some sap from our old maple tree in the front yard!

  3. During the blog party you wrote to me and I could figure out how to write back or find your blog. I just found it and have wanted to say hello and thank you for the note. I enjoyed your blog and will come back and see it again. The maple sugar trip looked fun. Impossible here, but we look maple syrup products, even here.

  4. Whoops, I always find the mistakes too late. I couldn’t figure out how the write back. Sorry.

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