Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 20, 2008


So…getting back to my blog…after days of a serious virus that has run through everyone here in our family!  We try to be as healthy as possible…but sometimes the resistance gets low and we get attacked!  Yikes!

Anyway…created the above image after meditating last week. I think, what I saw, was the sunlight coming through my eyelids and highlighting all of the veins in my eyelid…or eyes…beautiful designs!  You know..when you go to see the opthomologist and they shine that incredibily bright light…and you see the back of your eye reflected out into your vision? 

The patterns were many criss-crossing shapes.  I am going to work more with this image, because I like the geometric shapes it creates.  These shapes have always been of great interest to me.  And the star pattern…very symbolic to me.  I have a necklace that I wore the next day (after creating this image) and my son pointed to my necklace when I came to the breakfast table and say “Mom, that is the same design as the picture you just made.”  Cool…

I also think I will look back at my interest in biology…many fascinating shapes in nature.  I have a friend (who frequently comments on this blog:) who has mentioned protozoa in the past.  I have found some images on-line of protozoa that would be wonderful to recreate in pastel or water color…FUN!



  1. Can’t wait to see the protozoa! I’m looking forward to them. I think I may have told you about this before, but there are many creative and wonderful scientific images on the following site:

    They hold a contest each year for pictures taken of different specimens, the winners get their photos printed on a calendar that I always have displayed on my board at work. They get cash prizes, too, but the images are sometimes beautiful, sometimes a bit disturbing, and always interesting. Nikon is a brand of microscopes.


  2. Awesome! Looking forward to viewing the site! Love talking to you…

  3. This looks like a nice mandala too! And the colours are lovely!

  4. Hope you are all nicely recovered, It’s rough when everyone gets ill!
    This is another lovely picture it’s really clear you are focusing on colour because they are so lovely, bright and rich.
    I look forward to seeing them evolve!

  5. I can see you are having fun with your images. I make a mandala every day and am surprised when I go back a few weeks and compare. Some are so light and frothy, others dark with black and shadows. I’ve started writing a few sentences on the backs. Like having my own analyst in my mandala notebook. 🙂

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