Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 26, 2008


Martin Hill,

I have been working on a project at my work-place.  The researchers of Project MUSE have developed the QUEST program (Questions for Understanding, Exploring, Seeing and Thinking).  I am hoping to take a small group of educators out to one of our local museums to try out this program.

I thought I would pose one of the questions from the QUEST booklets.  So…take a look at the artwork above.  Here we go: 

Look at the colors in this work of art, which one did you see first?  Was color the first thing that you noticed?  What else caught your eye?



  1. Of course I saw the color first, the orange, then gray, then back to the yellow, red, orange. I saw the perfect circle the leaves are making in the pool and starting wondering why: was there a breeze/wind that caused them to bunch together? Is the small pool in the rock slanted enough for gravity to take the leaves to that portion, connecting together like velcro, and then just forming a circle based on the shape of the pool? Are they really leaves, flower petals, or something else? Did someone place them there on purpose in order to take the picture? I hope not, it’s much more interesting to think it happened by itself. It makes me feel calm, and I want to go exploring!

    XO – great break from work this morning, thank you!

  2. Hi!
    Yes…this photo got me interested in getting outside and exploring:)

    Thanks for the image…wondering about those leaves myself!

  3. Susan, now you hit the nail…
    I think I first noticed different shades of grey on the left and thought of silver, but right after this beautiful color combo: grey and orange and immediately thought “yes, that’s how I want to work now, grey and something”.
    Yes, color was the first thing and I thought about mountain lakes in The High Tatras in Slovakia, though they are turquois blue in grey rocks…
    Beautiful picture.

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