Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 2, 2008

Drawing Protozoa

Went on-line and found some photos of protozoa.  I looked closely at one of the photos and attempted to sketch it. 

Wow!  Taking the time to look and draw is difficult for me!  I really enjoy free-drawing and creating.  So, this exercise turned out to be a  study in discipline for me.

I have not completed this image, but wanted to get the beginnings up on my blog.  I will complete it soon and get the final work up then.  I think I will attempt this exercise again.  It was good for me to focus.

I have found that the colors and shapes I see in my mind are quite like the protozoa here…how interesting.  Thanks to my biologist friend Diane for the idea:)



  1. I love that you used white on black for this, it looks great, and quite possibly more realistic as many protozoan are clear or at least somewhat translucent. As a scientist, we sketch things to help us remember the structures. How they’re shaped, what their purpose is, where they are located on the animal, and how they relate to other animals. Rarely do we sketch for an artistic purpose. I can see the difference in your drawing and that of others. Your eye is artistic. Mine is scientific. And yet my sketches of protozoan are black pencil on white paper. Your choice of white media on black paper looks more realistic, capturing a more true scientific image, and yet it’s much more interesting to look at. Am I making sense? I’ll stop here before I start to confuse even myself. Can’t wait to see more….


  2. Thanks for this comment. I think that the use of sketching to study needs to be a part of everyday life for all children. Whether artistic or scientific, the use of drawing for education and observation seems immensely important to me. What do you think?

    If drawing had been a part of my everday education, as was reading and writing, I wonder what my drawings would be like now???

    Love to hear from you!

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