Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 10, 2008

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

After attempting to draw protazoa…I found it difficult to look and draw.  This is really a skill I was barely taught to do growing up.  I drew on my own, but never became proficient…and therefore, it is a great deal of work for me to try to draw an object while observing.

So…after several years…I have pulled back out Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

It is time consuming for me…but I was so excited to draw upside down and create the image above!  My son said…”Mom!  Get that onto your blog!”

And so here it is:)

What small challenges do you give yourself to keep your brain active?




  1. Oh, that is really blog-worth drawing, honestly, well done! I started drawing following this book last summer but stopped at exactly this excercise, drawing upside down…

  2. Susan, I have tagged you with some questions. Please, have a look at my blog. thank you!

  3. Good work. That can be a very helpful book.
    I draw everyday and write at least 100 words. Usually more than 100, usually more than a stickfigure, but if I’m not moving forward at least I’m not falling behind:)

  4. So true! I just wrote today in my journal on the importance of “ritual” for ourselves in our work and lives.
    Thanks for posting!

  5. Well done!!
    I worked through that book a few years ago and it was great!!
    I love you’re rainbowy phosphines too!

  6. Hi Caroline,
    It is a great study…and so helpful to me. It may take me a while to get through the exercises, but I am loving the journey:)

  7. Yes, this is excellent. I guess it just goes to show if you follow Betty’s instructions, you can draw well! I guess I better get to work!

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