Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 13, 2008

Vision Board


I have been reading over and over about “vision boards”.  I put one together on a whim…but I am finding it to, actually, be very helpful and focusing.

I have been writing in a journal (forever!) and pulled about 10 things that stood out as the most important in my life right now.  Just about me…what are my goals?  Who am I?  What are my core values? 

I have printed the vision board and have placed it in a prominent place in my home.  I look at it as I pass by each day.  It reminds me of my passions, interests and goals.  I find this fascinating,as over the years I have been quite resistant to this type of “visioning”.  But, I have discovered that it supports my “positive” views.  My positive dreams and possibilities.

Have you created a vision board?  What are your dreams?



  1. Did you arrange your vision board in a certain way? Like wealth over here… love over there. Just curious.

  2. Hi Ned,
    Yes…and no….I put all of the main focus ideas in the middle,then the abundance images as a sort of frame…turned out to look like and inverted triangle pointing to the most freeing image on the bottom of the page.

    so…I had the beginnings of an idea and just let the images place themselves.

    Good to hear from you:)

  3. I’ve heard of vision boards, you make a collage of images of things you want, and by looking at it regularly, it helps you achieve those things… Reading this right now made me think, maybe the same mechanism or whatever is part of what makes gardening, growing stuff up close, so attractive and involving. What I mean is, every year, my veggie field goes through its cycle, crop locations change, some years some crops do better than others, meanwhile the overall framework of the garden area, the soil, the paths and beds, the buildings, the tools, are constantly visually reinforced, and it all blends with the goals and images I have in my mind of everything being in order and growing beautifully, THIS SEASON, sun and rain coming when I need them, and so forth. So the garden is kind of like a constantly cycling “vision”. This isn’t the same thing as, say, passing through a garage filled with junk and reminding yourself that you want to clean it out, which blends ideas and goals with physical images, but is essentially static. As long as it is a working garden, the piece of land and the stuff attached to it are a kind of living, dynamic vision board, constantly evolving, working partly in your mind, partly through the natural world of biological processes and the whims of weather, and partly in the “normal” physical manifestation of stuff you can see and touch, like the current crops. Except, the “goal” is not something that you ever fully achieve, it’s all in the process of working at it… I can’t think of anything else in our Western society that’s quite as self-reinforcing as that. Just a thought…!

  4. Gorgeous! I LOVE your living vision of your garden….I also love your blog and learning about your wonderful farm:)

    Thank you so much for your thoughts, Mike. I believe this “living” vision is exactly what creating a life is all about….as you stated so beautifully.

    I will be back to visit your site soon to see how things are growing!!!

  5. That’s an awesome idea Mike. Life is much like the cultivation of a garden.

    Susan, you made me think of a vision blog… a lot of people in the blogosphere talk about the Law of Attraction. I think the blog format works well for such an idea.

    One thing I particularly like about your blog is that you include images of stuff you’ve created or pictures of nature. You have such a different perception of the world than my own. I find it refreshing.

  6. Hi Ned,
    I agree…I believe this blog has created a whole new world for my ideas (which usually just have sat in my head or I used them as teaching tools for years with children). But now…I feel like I can truly get my creative thoughts and ideas out into the blogosphere and let them go…make room for the new, ever churning joy for creating.

    Thank you sooo much for the complement!

  7. I just came across this post, even though it’s a couple of years’ old!
    I created a vision board and some amazing things have happened as a result. Someone recently suggested making a vision board about a novel I’m working on and I have found it really helpful.

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