Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 15, 2008

Winter to Spring

I took another picture out our back window today.  I decided I would compare the scene to the winter snow.

I will go back out when it is a bit greener…then, capture the image again in summer and (dare I say it!) fall to get a look at the changing seasons.  I have wanted to do this for years.

What is a creative endeavor that you have hoped to accomplish?  Have you done it yet?  Are you still dreaming of it? 



  1. Baking bread….I mean REALLY baking bread. Last Fall I attempted to make my own potato bread and it came out absolutely fabulous. I realized there was some sort of strange alchemical process going on inside of me, a change, a stirring of sorts. I felt complete, whole, like I could just be for the rest of the day after I made that loaf. So last week I went to the library and picked up “The Bread Bible” by Rose Levy and I dove deep into a new religious ferver. I’ve started my own wild yeast (pre-fermentation) and named him Hermes. He has been growing for 5 days now and I’ve made one loaf a day for a week. Today, I dig headlong into the abyss of sourdough.

    Pure magic, baking bread.

  2. Oh yes!!! I remember hearing your dreams of being on the farm…baking bread, watching the prarie grasses flow like the ocean, feeding your family well, hanging the laundry to whip in the wind…does this sound familiar? Or have we read too many books on this topic???

    I am thrilled with this comment from you, Jen…thank you so much for sharing this JOY!!!

  3. My current creative endeavor – my photoblog with a daily post commitment for a year. I want to do it, but it’ a challenge to post every day. Some days I just don’t feel like it, but the challenge still stands. And so I post.

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