Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 17, 2008

Tree of Life…spirals

Gustav Klimt, The Tree of Life, 1905/09

A while back I came across this work by Gustav Klimt, The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze, c.1909 .

I have always had a connection to spirals.  And with the nature inspired “tree”  I was mesmerized.  So…out came the paints and I did my own version. 

I think I will take more time with this image and create more trees/nature inspired works with spirals.

Who are your favorite artists?  What symbols resonate with your life?



  1. This is a great creation! I love it. I’ve always been drawn to spirals, too. I wonder what it is that catches our eye. I’m also drawn to blue flowers against a white background. On clothing, linens, art, dishes (my favorite!), and other things. My friends from college always teased me as I’d be looking at something (“…oh, that Di and her blue flowers…”). Feeling a connection with certain shapes and colors makes one ask all sorts of questions: where did I first see this? Why is it so stuck within me? What importance does it bring? Does it bring good feelings or other? My feelings are sometimes that of lonliness or longing when I see my preferred shapes/colors. Longing for what I do not know.


  2. spirals…life:)

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