Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 23, 2008


By taking a look around at the beauty and wonder in the world sets the tone for the day.  I truly believe it is important to let the mind switch to the “wonder” and “mystery” that surronds us.  For if we simply live our lives only looking to collect data, collect factoids, focus only on the “right” or “wrong” way to do things, we are robbing ourselves of the balance.

I have been watching the forsithia…the vivid yellow has emerged from the spring green.  My eye is pulled to the “aliveness” of my outdoor surroundings through the shift from blues of winter to greens and yellows of spring.  This overlapping of color in my mind is delightful and dances with my imagination each year.

“Aesthetics is the study of the arts: the nature of art objects. the making of art, the art (or aesthetic) experience, the relation between art and culture, the role of the perceiver, the sensual and imaginative aspects of art.” -Maxine Greene

 Time to paint:)


What do you do each day to allow awareness of your surroundings to connect with your imagination?



  1. I listen. Among learning types, I am auditory. My job has a lot of interesting noises and listening is an important skill. The first sign of a problem will come through sound. To someone who isn’t trained, it all sounds like a problem. It often makes me think of music. How deep sounds envelop the body and high pitched sounds tap on the head.

    What a great question.

  2. Interestingly, per Ned’s comment, I’m more visual than auditory, but I aspire to listen better 🙂 Even so, too much noise overwhelms me, I tend to be hypersensitive in general. I love silence and peacefulness. I’m lucky that my job is reasonably quiet most of the time.

    Love the pic, with all its vibrant green, afire with life/”spirit” 🙂 Gawd, it’s a gorgeous day, close to 70 degrees, sunny — we’ve got the two front doors open here at work. It still amazes me that I manifested this job right next door to my apartment 🙂 My desk is right next to the open doors, it’s totally delish right now 😉 … but I enjoy nature all day every day per the glass walls 🙂 Lotsa trees and grass, birds, great view of the sky and hilly background. I’ve had butterflies and birds (once a hummingbird) come right up to the window here beside me, hawks have swooped by very close to the glass… I walk to work (takes 3 to 5 minutes) and often see bunnies, robins…and seeing lotsa redbirds right now, I especially love redbirds 🙂 They’re sooo beautiful.

    “Time to paint” — I feel like this is a message for me, ’cause I was just thinking yesterday that I hadn’t done any of that in a while. I think I’ve got some emotional stuff swirling around inside of me that needs tendin’ to and paintin’ would surely help.


  3. Hey Ned..recognizing “problems” through listening. Wonderful!

    Dove…let me know if you do get back to some painting. I would love to see it:) Just the thought of creating seems to be so awe-inspiring:) With all of that nature around, just breathing and observing must be amazing!

  4. Hey I just happened upon your response here immediately after making a post/blog that you might appreciate. She’s an awesome artist… See my two comments on this one 🙂

  5. Susan,

    You inspire me lady…just planted two of these beautiful shrubs.

    I’ve missed a lot here, you are so on a roll !

    Love it! and you!

    Bea Kunz

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