Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 24, 2008

Bat Houses


We had friends over for the weekend.  They brought the supplies and with my husband’s template for previous bat house constructions (and serious power tools!), the guys made bat houses and bluebird houses.!

So now…bug control…naturally:)



  1. So wonderful! I do underground bat rehabbing myself, I live in North Carolina (Bat Cave, to be exact!) and there are laws prohibiting the handling of-my husband is hoping to get a permit being a wildlife damage control agent but at this point, there are no permits allowed. So sad! I’m told it’s an education issue, that our state is not funded or will not address the matter. Anyhow, I have always loved bats since childhood but never had the opprotunity to handle one until I found a little brown in our pool filter years ago. I just couldn’t let him die…and so began my amazing journey. Last Sumemr we put up a huge 5 chambered house that should hold hundreds. After 2 weeks we had one inhabitant: a loner Big Brown (or so I think). Now we have 3 so far (ha ha). But there is still time to woo…we have bats all around here and caves galore (hence the name). At any rate, the house is beautiful and I would love to send a picture.

    Wonderful work you are a doing, and spreading the word is the start. We need to get our little friends healthy and safe and have more people understand the huge service they do to our crops and our skin (we have a nice sized organic garden and two little tender skinned ‘chitlins) We need all the help we can get!

    Blessings and thanks for all you are doing!

  2. That is so cool! We had some bats around here. Ok, I was a bit nervous, but I heard they are great insect (I am especially thinking of the mosquito) control so I controlled myself the best I could. I hope your houses attract and satisfy the birds.

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    We were in “Bat Cave” about 3 years ago:) Took the family to Asheville to check things out there…always looking!

    What a fabulous post you have left here! I will read it again to get every detail!

    Thank you so much for staying in touch…just popped over to your wonderful site. Saw the snake dream info:) Did you see my post on snakes? We some some (live!) and my son took wonderful photos…check it out…
    I will post the url in the next comment:)


  5. Hi Susan,

    Love the bat houses! Yes, they are the best at controlling the mosquito population.

    What a wonderful project.

    Want to sell a couple of your houses.?

    Blog is growing and growing…so nice, just love it!

    Bea Kunz

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