Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 28, 2008

Things that make me uncomfortable…

Andy Warhol, Electric Chair, 1971

Andy Warhol, Skulls, 1976

 Andy Warhol, Suicide 1962/4

One more entry on the Andy Warhol exhibit…I wanted to post the prints that gave me pause.  I was uncomfortable in one of the galleries.  Warhol was obsessed with death…and through these prints, I felt various degrees of unease.

I am working on my “uncomfortable-ness” with these works…beyond the obvious. I think I spend so much of my time focused on the now, positive, being/feeling happy.  This is evidenent as I look back through my blog.  But what about the darkness?  The worry over death I have myself?  It is constantly lingering around…illness, destruction, the news…is there beauty within?  Sometimes, my fear of it is completely covered by the “mask” of happiness.

So…Andy Warhol (who is now dead) speaks to me from beyond…through his art.  I am taking the time to be aware of this “uncomfortable” state…I still feel like running from the room, but I will stay a while and look it in the eye.

What makes you uncomfortable?  do you hide it?  put on your mask?  or face it head on?




  1. I am very shy, so I am uncomfortable being different. I hate standing out. I feel more comfortable with a mask when I am with a group of new people; like at parties (or at the local “club” that is SUPPOSED to welcome new-comers). That said, your choice here was also something I would prefer to avoid. I understand it exists, and I understand that it is something that people need to learn to deal with it, but beyond that I want to live the life given, not the death the will surely follow.

  2. Ditto on the shyness factor. Being around a lot of people or even around a small group of new people makes me uncomfortable. As for death, one cannot help but think about it at times, especially if you are faced with it, like with the event of a loved one’s death or in the wake of a loved one being diagnosed with cancer or some fatal disease. And Death has been aconsidered in so many works of writing, art, and philosophy over the years, so much that if you love art or literature, you can’t avoid it. But with all the troubles of today’s world, I see nothing wrong with just focusing on the postives. As long as you accept that death is a part of life, I see no reason to dwell on it.

  3. Good question, Susan. I have been mulling it over for the past 24. What makes me uncomfortable? When I am here, and I want to be there. The awkwardness of one’s own skin not fitting, or worse, maybe, the world feeling all wrong. The urge to bolt.
    I hear that in the other comments: what is more hellish than that encounter with the small group and feeling like you have a huge wart on your nose?
    Isn’t it wonderful how art speaks to us in such unique ways? I was drawn to Martha (thanks for the links btw!) and you were most affected by his death scenes, which didn’t really hit me very hard. I just shook hands with Death recently and what that encounter did was throw me more completely into Life.
    Thomas Moore’s book, DARK NIGHTS OF THE SOUL, is a good resource for embracing the darkness.
    All artists know that it is contrast that creates sensory richness. There is such beauty in grief, sorrow, longing.
    thanks for putting gas in my tank.

  4. Hmmm…what makes me uncomfortable?

    Injustice … closed-mindedness … filth … ignorance … stupidity (racism, etc)
    pollution … destruction of our precious planet … animal cruelty … “fashion” … pharmaceuticals … greed … nuclear anything … indifference … landfills … cruelty … child abuse … sexual harassment … hunting being called a “sport” … too many people on a finite planet, yet we keep making babies without a clue … lots of unwanted children … children on the streets … “prostitutes” manhandled by cops and a government that feels it owns a woman’s body … an employment system that allows no real quality of life (slavery) … slavery … lack of true freedom … too much concrete, plastic, and steel … In a word, SUFFERING. And most of the above creates so much of it.

    Death, in and of itself, not so much (I know it’s just a “doorway,” not the end by any means)…there are sooo many things worse than death (see above list).

    Imagine if we had no fear of death — would we still allow ourselves to be enslaved, would we still allow all the suffering?

    And yes, if one lives in an artificial world, living a life that is not natural and so incredibly unhealthy/stressful/toxic…almost our every move directly or indirectly controlled, among a majority that is so complacent to all our ills — yes, survival in such a world requires an “outsider” to wear a “mask” to it all. For now 🙂


  5. Thanks for the thoughtful answers to my questions. It is truly amazing to me to learn from such great minds.

    Had some interesting dreams after seeing this artwork…and reading your comments…bears, arrows, scary feet (I know, weird!), hidden people, dis-embodied voices. Gets me thinking.

    But many wonderful, joyous things are on the horizon..the spring rain, the weekend:)

    Want to go deeper into the idea of “masks”..perhaps an artistic study of some kind…hmmm…..

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