Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 30, 2008

Classic Tales Podcast

  The Classic Tales with B.J. Harrison

When preparing to travel across the state for work, I like to download stories and podcasts for the trip.  So, recently, I went onto itunes and downloaded The Classic Tales Podcast with B.J. Harrison. 

Ever a lover of great storytelling and classic lit, I wanted to have a listen.

Wow!  B.J. Harrison has an incredible voice and wonderful pacing throughout the story.   (And after my last post, this story just happened to be the perfect connection!)

Have a listen…

Episode 52, The Red Room, by H.G.Wells
The Red Room is haunted. Nobody knows how or why, but one man has lost his life while spending the night in the forbidden chamber. The horrors of the room drove him to madness. So, what will happen when another ambitious young man attempts to enter the room?

Also, as a family we enjoy listening to books on tape.  This podcast will be a HUGE hit with both boysJ 

 What types of stories do you enjoy?








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