Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 1, 2008

Bird Songs

Dick Walton’s Home Page

On one of my earilier posts, Little Things I Love, many of you left comments about hearing the birds returning for spring (here in North America).  I have been enjoying the return of the beauty of the bird songs myself, very much!

I have always wished to learn about the different sounds….and which birds make them!  Some I know…chic-a-dee-dee-dee…in the spring and a few others.  But some birds are passing through, or I do not hear them as often.

So I did a Google search and located Bird Song Central:  Birding by Ear Spring Tune-Up .  Perfect!  The connections Dick Walton makes to the sounds words…then pictures!  is right up my alley:) 

I am off to take a walk, listen and practice connecting the birds to their songs…How about you?  Some of you (on the other side of the planet) are experiencing another seasons…what birds do you hear?



  1. Thanks for the site. Tweeet-tweeeeet.

  2. You’re right, hearing birds singing is so wonderful. Where I live I see blue jays, cardinals and lots of hawks too!

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