Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 4, 2008

Winter to Spring

I like to think of the seasons layered over one another.  From the cool blues and stark browns of winter, to the warmer greens and lush yellows of the spring. 

What colors resonate with you?  Cool or warm?



  1. lovely painting, Susan. It resonates with me, particularly the circle, which for me is a core symbol of the eternal quality of things (at least real things). I am always drawn to circles and spirals and use them in my work as well. My daughter uses these long lines, like the world is laid out before her!
    I am always drawn to warm colors and finding them in the winter is a thrill–the deep reds of the bare blueberry bushes, the pale gold of the sleeping ornamental grasses.

    Thank you for sharing about your imp, as well…isn’t Jack a great poet?
    ps: 100th post for me today…still cooking it in my head…
    trying not to scorch it…:)

  2. going to look at your 100th post!!!

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