Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 6, 2008

Nature Poems-Emily Dickinson

(photo taken by my son)

Thinking of Emily Dickinson poems about nature.  Have a listen:

Emily Dickinson-Nature

Here is the one that resonates with me today:

       III.   WHY?

THE murmur of a bee
A witchcraft yieldeth me.
If any ask me why,
‘T were easier to die
Than tell.

The red upon the hill
Taketh away my will;
If anybody sneer,
Take care, for God is here,
That’s all.

The breaking of the day
Addeth to my degree;
If any ask me how,
Artist, who drew me so,
Must tell!  -Emily Dickinson

Which resonates with you? 



  1. Oh, Susan,
    thanks for the forsythia, the blue sky and the emily dickenson poem.
    When I looked at them, I realized how far I have turned away from the natural world in the past few days and these things thankfully brought me back.
    Here is a poem to share that resonates with me so strongly….

    Night Letter to theReader by Billy Collins

    I get up from the tangled bed and go outside,
    a bird leaving the nest,
    a snail taking a holiday from its shell,

    but only to stand on the lawn,
    an ordinary insomniac
    amid the growth systems of garden and woods.

    If I were younger, I might be thinking
    about something I heard at a party,
    about an unusual car,

    or the press of Saturday night,
    but as it is, I am simply conscious,
    an animal in pajamas,

    sensing only the pale humidity
    of the night and the slight zephyrs
    that stir the tops of the trees.

    The dog has followed me out
    and stands a little ahead,
    her nose lifted as if she were inhaling

    the tall white flowers,
    visible tonight in the darkened garden,
    and there was something else I wanted to tell you,

    something about the warm orange light
    in the windows of the house,
    but now I am wondering if you were even listening

    and why I bother to tell you these things
    that will never make a difference,
    flecks of ash, tiny chips of ice.

    but this is what I want to do–
    tell you that up in the woods
    a few night birds were calling,

    the grass was cold and wet on my bare feet,
    and that at one point, the moon,
    looking like the top of Shakespeare’s

    famous forehead,
    appeared, quite unexpectedly,
    illuminating a band of moving clouds.

  2. this poem is perfect! I will read it often. I agree…I can find myself drawn to being at the computer, or too focused on work and loose site of the natural world that gives me such peace.

    you are welcome to the photos:) It is a joy to just snap, snap, snap as I walk. Then, when I walk without the camera, I find that I look more closely at the beauty surrounding me….as in the poem…I want to tell you:)

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