Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 7, 2008

Life Wheel

I have been playing with images of my life on paper.  I see my life as a continuous cycle that spirals within seperate spheres.  Other lives effect mine and I have attempted to portray that here.

This is my first attempt getting the image onto paper.  I will re-do this idea in black and white…want to get more for the feel of the lines moving…spirals, circles and interconnections.

More later…

If you were to draw your life, death, birth, growth…what would it loook like?



  1. More adult kindergarten, I do love my visits here. 🙂

    I draw a mandala everyday, and am amazed at how they change according to mood, season, happenings. Today, though it was thunderstorm-y when I did it, was all in bright green and yellow swirls and scallops – with a magenta star in the center. Happy times, for sure.

  2. this is a complex image you have here, susan and an ambitious project…i love the way you pull it all together with the circle of groups of pods or seeds-it reminds me of something botanical (which doesn’t surprise me!). with a type of fractal organization/spontaneity and also the suggestion that more is coming later.
    Do your colors represent certain people or emotions? I hope you will post your black and white version should you decide to make one.
    as for me, if I drew my life today (not cumulatively but at the present moment) I would also be concerned with representing the interconnectedness with my beloved world…am still grappling with the change in my vision and wonder how that will play itself out. Also I would include my hungry ghosts…let me know how your battle with them fares!
    thanks for your provocative questions and for your blog-it’s like going to a sunny meadow today!

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