Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 10, 2008

Sunshine in a Flower

Captured this beauty yesterday.  It looks to me like the sun dropped down to earth. 



  1. Dancing, all wiggly as she falls…

  2. How lovely!
    Looks like the sun is shining on you too.

  3. My son and I have just been learning about the fibonacci numbers in nature. I realize that writing this I am going to have to explain something that I just barely understand, but your great picture brought it to mind. The best I can do is say it explains, or better yet, makes notice of all those beautiful spiral designs in nature and shows how most plants and animals grow similarly. Great works from the palette of a great artist!

  4. Bo-love the image:)
    Caroline-Yes…the lovely sun is shining with spring:)

    Debby, here is a site that gives some info on flowers and fibonacci:
    Also, a fun book (that perhaps you have!) by Marilyn Burns…entitled The I Hate Mathematics Book (name is misleading…it is tons of fun!

    I will post again with fibonacci as part of the post…thanks for the new inspiration!

  5. That was the website that we used to get a grip on the basics. His class did a great project which also helped. I hadn’t seen the book, but will check it out. Am glad I inspired. Thanks.

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