Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 11, 2008

Life on paper

A few days ago I created what I called a life wheel.  Thought I would re-work the image in black and white…but the above is the next image.  I thought about what my friend Claudia said…colors, meaning, looking like something from nature…so I acually went with some of those thoughts.

Then, in my last post, Debby wrote on Fibinocci…and spirals in nature!  How cool is that…and I created this image:

  Which shows the spirals I see in seeds or the middle of flowers (as I see it…not so precise as fabulous nature can produce).  I then took a moment and created it through a computer program as a bas-relief:

  Looks like winter!  or frozen flower-spiral…just for fun…actually it may be more fitting, because it is FREEZING here in Michigan!

Oooooh…now that I see the photo below in this blog…and my own spirals…I can see more of the Fibinocci design.  Back to work!  Love math in nature!

What designs do you see in nature?




  1. One of my favorite is the spiral of seeds in a giant sunflower head.

  2. I agree:)

  3. I love your work! it is so alive. the top one dances and the other two spin inward…I like the way you have simplified your idea from the first drawing-it is more powerful!
    are you familiar with the idea of fractals? if not, google it fast, girl, because you will LOVE it…
    i took a bunch of pictures today, after the rain stopped. the air and light were really quite astounding! among my favorite designs are those made in the sand by the wind and waves, with the light raking across them. check out my picasa album to see:

    i love your blog. it makes it less horrible that I never get to see you!

  4. I am so glad my comment helped inspire that (I am glad I learned what fibonacci is, at 46 years, but still learning). It is gorgeous!

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