Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | June 5, 2008

Pine Trees


So in the last few days I have taken pictures of tiny red pine cones, drew picture of white pines on the dunes, heard from a good friend in a comment that she too was thinking of pine trees, and my tarot card for today had pine trees depicted within.

What does this mean?  I did a little looking around and found this fabulous site:  Sacred Earth giving information on the Pine Tree.  (This site is awesome for eco travel…hmmmm…perhaps some travel in my future????)

Love the pine trees…any kind.  Fragrant, tall, able to withstand strong winds…dark green and majestic.  What trees bring joy to you?




  1. I love your post and I love trees!! I have some beautiful maple trees on my street that I love to photograph. They have wonderful spreading branches, all kinds of eyes and knotholes and faces, and ivy crawling around them like jewelry.
    Interesting about your pine cones and the recurrence of them…what do you think it means? In a sense, with your blog you are sort of a pinecone yourself, dear susan, spreading seeds and food for squirrely friends like me…:) wow, is that a stretch or what?
    I hope you are walking in this wind tonight. it is incredible!

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