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Contest! Mini-Saga-connecting through creativity

Chuck Close
Kiki, 1993 (up-close)

It is contest time:) 

This blog is getting close to 10,000 views.  Starting out, I never imagined to have so many people out there viewing this site.  So, in order to celebrate, I am having a contest!

Here are the rules:

1.  Write a mini-saga and post it in the comments here in this thread.
2. Vote for your favorite mini-saga and email your vote to me at .
3.  Contest starts June 15, 2008 and ends June 27, 2008 (by that time, I hope to have 10, 000 views:)
4.  One grand winner and 5 runners-up will be chosen based on the number of votes I receive by the June 27 deadline.

Grand Prize!
$50.00 worth of Miessence Organic Skin Care Products!  (mini-travel products for the winning mini-saga:)

5 Runners-up will also receive one mini-Miessence Product!

What’s a mini-saga?
A Whole New Mind: Story Portfolio

Write a Mini-Saga
Writing anything is hard work. Writing a short story is really hard work. And writing a novel, a play, or a screenplay can take years. So go easy on yourself by writing a mini-saga. Mini-sagas are extremely short stories–just fifty words long…no more, no less. Yet like all stories, they have a beginning, a middle, and an end. London’s Telegraph newspaper has long sponsored an annual mini-saga contest–and the results show how much creativity a person can pack in exactly fifty words. Try writing a mini-saga yourself. It’s addicting.

 Looking for your creative mini-sagas!  I will also see who is viewing this blog:) 

Bring on the creativity!



  1. […] Looking forward to reading yours on my contest post! […]

  2. Load. Unload. Prepare. Serve. Eat. Reload. Run. Wipe faces. Switch laundry. Fold. Check email. Write responses. Check messages. Place phone calls. Schedule meetings. Sort mail. Pay bills. Organize piles. Make lists. Schedule appointments. Yelling! Time out! Mediate Facilitate apologies. Sigh. Smile. Think—-when can I play? Write? Read? Wonder? Dream?

  3. I love you, my dear busy freind:)

  4. As the tomato splatted on the back of her SUV, she heard him shout, ‘GET OUT! QUIT HANGING AROUND LIKE A STRAY DOG!” Juliete smiled as she opened the car door, mindful that another vegetable could be on its way. It was the gin talking, after all. Tomorrow, brunch?

  5. Claudia…great image! I am there…look out for flying veggies…and back again for more…
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lost by one vote. Graciously congratulated the winner who will become the new President of our PTA next year, but inside, I felt a twinge of sadness and defeat. I never wanted to get involved in politics; it’s only grade school for goodness sake! Now I know how Hillary feels.

  7. Hi Eva…one vote!!! Thank you for your voice…it is amazing what impact can be made in only 50 words….and you surely made an impact!

  8. Driving to our vacation spot, nearly there. The joke was a funny one. In the middle of my telling, the doe jumped in front of the car. Dull thud, squealing tires, fawn tearing through the underbrush away from the bright lights. What was the punch line? Tomorrow I’ll photograph wildflowers.

  9. […] OrganicsYes is sponsoring a Mini-Saga Contest. […]

  10. Jack arose, dazed but alive, from the base of the hill.
    Confronting Jill with the dented pail, he demanded an explanation for her wellside behavior.
    Jill tearfully revealed that she was the butcher’s daughter.
    She sought revenge for the bovine and bean swap that had enriched Jack and his mother.

  11. […] entry gets the most votes, you could win $50 worth of Miessence Organic Skin Care Products. Stop by Organicsyes’s Weblog before June 23rd to […]

  12. […] on the 5 Minutes for Mom website.  The members of the team there have run an announcement of the Mini-Saga Contest I am running.  So, check out Island Life as Kailani was instrumental in getting my contest […]

  13. I wait, as the saleslady checks for my size. She returns, with a box! My mom and I smile. I walk across the floor, transformed. Rather than wear them home, I put them in the box, taking one last smell before I close it. I will sleep with them tonight!

  14. A tremendous feeling of compassion came over me. I mentally thanked him for not hurting me. It was Christmas morning. The young robber could have made a move that would ruin him for life – all for a little drug money. I mentally thanked him until I fell asleep.

  15. Running, running, out of breath. Dare I stop ? No, if he catches me I’m dead.
    Did he see my face ? Will he tattle to my papa ? Am I dreaming ? Wake up, wake up. Someone is knocking at the back door. Oh no, he followed me home….I’m dead for sure…knock….

    Bea Kunz

  16. Opened the refrigerator. Ideas for dinner spinning like pre-prepped salad. Switched mid-thought to fresh, lush strawberries, gleaned that morning. Their aroma sent the thought of spinning salad spiraling into oblivion. I reached instead for whipped cream. Aaah, calories and cholesterol be my delicious lover…just one last time.

  17. My oldest came from the woods. A surprise waiting there for me. He is proud to tell me. Trillium in OUR woods. He knows what makes me really happy. Knows my favorite. Not trillium? Lady’s Slippers! Just as good. Another favorite. Can there be more than one favorite? My sons.

  18. My heart is singing:) The work and beauty you have put into these stories is just wonderful!

  19. The bases are loaded, his team up by one. Top of the 9th, full count. He looks to the sky and takes a deep breath as I hold mine. As he winds up to throw, and my heart does somersaults, I wonder when he grew up, and there’s the strike!

  20. There is only One who knows “who” I am, knows “how” I am, knows “what” I am and loves me just the “way” I am. I will be like a tree beside springs of living water and in my growing I will prosper and grow up stronger each day. Amen!

  21. […] […]

  22. A girl walked into a doctors. “I’m sick!” she cried, “I must be healthy soon for my exams”. The doctor sighed and handed her a book: ‘Lepidopetera ariel patterns’. “How will this help?” she screamed. The doctor smiled and softly said “You have butterflies. Teach them to fly in formation.”

  23. […] you to all of the other participants.  Please check out their stories at Mini-saga Contest post:  Even with the contest over, please feel free to continue to contribute your mini-saga!  It is […]

  24. There’s a lady who teaches the “laws”
    With ideas that may give you pause,
    Doesn’t mean to alarm ya
    Would rather disarm ya
    With effects and their probable cause.

    But she says if you get it
    You will sure not regret it
    And your life will be filled with hoorahs!

    [Exactly 50 words!]

  25. Congrats to you Eva! What a Perfect mini-saga.:)
    There were so many wonderful ones and…..I got busy and forgot to vote.

    Love and Blessings,

  26. Nothing is the same since the car crash.Everyone ignores me, even my parents and my best friends.Well maybe not that weird girl who says she feels presences.She’s OK but apart from her, nobody talks to me.Well I guess it figures, I am a ghost after all.

  27. Hi Lulu,
    Thanks for the post!

  28. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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