Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | June 18, 2008



Trying out my own mini-saga:

Began life always interested in working with children.  Found much joy in teaching.  Everything changed once I had children of my own~wanted to switch teaching focus to my own children.  Now, caught between children growing up and the need to put that creative teaching energy back into the world.

Looking forward to reading yours on my contest post!




  1. a wonderful time to be mindful of what is possible for you, my dear woman.
    a thought from a friend whose children have grown up: your teaching of your children is carried by them into the world. everything we do communicates to all of us somehow. so you are already doing it, once removed…:)
    ps: almost time to look at more art. how about degas at meijer garden?

  2. I will have to come back and check out contest. I did not realize the impact I have had as a mother until thinking about it this last mother’s day, amazed at what my children have done with their lives, recognizing my influence, which they’ve taken and added their own self. Talking to a teacher as my last left grade school (20 years they’ve had one of my kids) and she told me the influence our family has had.

    And you will know that your life is well spent, doing the most important stuff.

  3. Claudia,
    Lovely words…you are right. I do feel like the work and creative energy I gave to my children continues on into the universe. Thank you for the reminder, friend:)

    Beautiful…what a joy to continue to connect with others and learn about yourself and your children through their eyes. I love going to your blog and seeing what you and your family are up to:)

    Thank you both for the kindness and beauty of your posts. It has helped me to stop and reflect, something I love to do and need the reminder!

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