Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | June 21, 2008

Dream of Snow at the Summer Solstice

Last night I dreamed of snow in June.  In the dream I was soooo frustrated with the cold and snow in JUNE that in protest, I walked around in the dream in snow pants and ski boots.   Everyone else said, “Oh, don’t worry…the weather will change,” as they walked around in shorts and t-shirts, freezing!  They laughed at my ski boots, but I was happy to be warm…as it should be in JUNE!

The dream continued on to the dunes and a dark, foaming lake with a bridge leading out to it.  I was afraid to go, but my husband walked out onto the bridge and looked out at the dark foaming sea.  I was relieved that he was okay, and began to feel safer about the dark water and the bridge ahead.

I have posted a photo I took back in February with this entry.  I think this cold spring and continued thoughts of global warming are in the forefront of my dreams…also, travelling into unknown territory is just ahead.


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