Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | June 24, 2008

Clouds Over Lake Michigan

Stormy sunset over Lake Michigan yesterday.  I ran down to the beach to capture these shots.

What type of clouds do you enjoy?




  1. Hey, I saw those same clouds, but I was watching from the tip of Door County in Wisconsin! 🙂 Hey, maybe only a 100 miles apart or so…

  2. great pictures!

  3. Hi Bo,
    Too cool! I love your cloud pic with the barn…

    JZ Thanks!


  4. Amazing photos!
    I have to say that the kind of clouds I enjoy are the ones which are not there, we have too many at the moment!

  5. Cumulonimbus – these clouds are part of what makes a Thunderstorm aparently. I love the fourth one (I think!!!) where you can see it’s started to rain.

  6. Caroline, I hear that! Loving the sunshine:)

    Hannah, Yes, I love to see the rain coming down to earth…amazing!

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