Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | June 29, 2008

Mini-Saga Winner…Eva Abreu!

Here is Eva Abreu’s Mini-Saga:

Lost by one vote. Graciously congratulated the winner who will become the new President of our PTA next year, but inside, I felt a twinge of sadness and defeat. I never wanted to get involved in politics; it’s only grade school for goodness sake! Now I know how Hillary feels.

Great Job, Eva!  Your package of Miessence products is on its way:)  Thank you for your creativity and sharing a bit about yourself.


Thank you, thank you to everyone who participated.  Please continue to check out the stories at Mini-Saga Contest Post!

Even with the contest over, please feel free to continue to contribute your mini-saga!  It is wonderful to see such creative stories…take time to create!!!




  1. Congratulations, Eva!
    Surely, the irony of winning with a story about losing is not lost on the winner 🙂



  2. Thanks Mitch! I enjoyed reading your mini-saga as well.

    Susan, the prize package is wonderful! I’ve been looking for a source for organic beauty products and the items are perfect! Thanks for sending such a nice selection : )

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